Main Products: Brick filling machine, Lile filling machine, pillow filling machine, triangle filling machine, axe packing machine, diamond packing machine, slim filling machine, roof filling machine, food machinery, 1-2 liter filling machine, Lile wrapping coil, sheet, roof box sheet, Kangmei box sheet, film-spraying paper, cooling paper, butter planting production line, waste packaging separation equipment
Shenzhen Far East Food Packaging Technology Co., Ltd.
Recom Products
  • 1 liter packer
  • Brick filler
  • Pillow filler
  • Triangle filling machine
  • Roof filler
  • Ultra-high temperature insta...
  • 1-2 liter filling machine
  • Tetra Pak coil
  • Roof box sheet
  • Kangmei box sheet






关于我们 /ABOUT US

       The company is to achieve the great rejuvenation of the Chinese nation and strive to build an international-class food packaging aircraft carrier.

Based on China and facing the world, the company sincerely serves the global small and medium-sized food enterprises and tailors the best solutions for them. Provide the best production and packaging technology services; Produce environmental-friendly and popular Lille bag materials, exquisite and different Kangmei boxes, tangible and luxurious roof bags which are the world's leading patented inventors; Manufacture a variety of sterile filling machines, including innovative designs with patented inventions, which can make a variety of different bottoms.


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Shenzhen Far East Food Packaging Technology Co., Ltd.



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